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“Re-awakening the Divine within”

Isn’t it about time you let go of everything that holds you back? Aren’t you truly sick of “something” that stops you being who you are meant to be, a ray of light, an inspirational song, an influential life force…? 

Allow me to be the catalyst for your healing…

Thank you for visiting this site! I’ve spent most of my life in personal development, healing and since 1995, psychotherapy.

Having had a compelling urge to help change the world since childhood, non-conformity has taken many forms. Relevant to you, if seeking therapy or healing, is that I’ve worked successfully with hundreds of clients with almost the complete range of  challenges to the human condition. And, I’ve introduced and taught healing to over five thousand people in the UK, Ireland, Greece and Cyprus. Please visit the psychotherapy and healing page.  More on my background and outlook here.

For the seeker, you will find regular, informative, challenging and amusing blog posts.  Let me introduce you to the incredible Vanessa and Anne Stewart and their connection to Princess Diana. If you fancy a good read about life, the universe and everything, being an even better parent and wanting to fully relax, try the books and CD’s page. Did you know the first “obligation” of mediums is to heal? Would you like to contact an exceptional one? My “soul son”, Jonathan Brown.

LATEST BLOG POSTS (21/10):  I remember it well (part 2). Profound. Read part 1 first.  

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Jack 11 Sep 19It is my privilege and honour to be of service. I trust you will find that which you are seeking. And if not we live in a time where incredible teachers and healers abound, so be open and set your intention. In fact feel that you have what you seek NOW.

Hymn to St. John the Baptist, at Solfeggio frequency:

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